Twist | What we do

TWIST : The Future of Connectivity

Dive into the world of TWIST, our cutting-edge IoT platform that revolutionizes how products interact.

Full Integrated Solutions: From Hardware to User Experience

Customized Hardware

We specialize in developing custom electronics tailored precisely to your product's needs, ensuring seamless control and monitoring capabilities.

Cloud Infrastructure:

Store, analyze, and manage data with our reliable cloud services, built to scale as your needs grow

Mobile Applications

We create innovative apps that enable flawless control and management of your products, enhancing user experience and efficiency

Bring Your Products into the Smart Era with TWIST

We recognize the hurdles manufacturers face within the rapidly evolving technological landscape. We understand that keeping pace with innovation is a challenge. This is where our specialized knowledge and experience come into play, offering a guiding hand. With TWIST, your products are not just upgraded; they're reimagined to deliver a smarter, more connected, and autonomous experience.

Twist guarantees the most efficient and reliable connectivity for your products, ensuring low-cost integration tailored for each application. This integration makes your products an integral part of the Internet of Things.


We analyze each specific product to determine how to make it smarter through autonomous operation. This is achieved by integrating local sensors or feeding it with data from the IoT network, always considering cost-effectiveness.

Twist is the cornerstone of our solutions

Twist is an abbreviation for ‘Tailored Wireless IoT Systems and Tools. Our controllers are fully customized to align with the specific needs of each customer’s product, taking into account size, form factor, and features. This tailer-made approach guarantees an optimal fit that enhances the performance and functionality!

  • Superior range
  • Extreme reliability
  • Low power.
  • Ultimate scalability