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Discover the future of smart building systems

Discover the future of smart buildings where comfort, well-being, and sustainability come together. Have a look at some examples of our smart building solutions below.

Adaptive Lighting Control

Harness the power of natural rhythms with circadian lighting that adapts to the time of day, enhancing comfort and productivity. Our system integrates seamlessly, adjusting light intensity and color to mirror the natural progression of daylight.

  • Tunable white technology for circadian rhythm support
  • Ambient light adaptation for energy efficiency
  • Customizable lighting scenes for various activities
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Energy Smart Illumination

Monitor and manage energy consumption with precision. Our intelligent lighting systems provide real-time data, allowing for optimized use and significant cost savings while reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Real-time energy consumption monitoring
  • Automated energy-saving modes
  • Detailed energy usage reports for informed decision-making

Lighting as a sensor host

Light as a host transforms luminaires into environmental sensing points. Gain insights into room conditions with integrated temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment.

  • Multifunctional sensors in each luminaire
  • Real-time environmental condition monitoring
  • Data integration for HVAC and air quality management systems
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Precision Indoor Tracking

Utilize the embedded wireless radio in our luminaires for indoor localization and tracking. Enhance security and personalization with beacon technology that enables precise user and asset location within a space.

  • Beacon functionality for location tracking
  • Improved security through precise location awareness
  • Enhanced personalization for user experiences

Predictive Lighting Maintenance

Twist smart lighting system offers innovative predicitve maintenance features, ensuring enhanced reliability and longevity for your investment. Real-time monitoring and data analysis enable early detection of potential issues, while optimized maintenance schedules reduce unnecessary expenses. Receive timely notifications to address problems before they escalate, saving time and resources. Remote diagnostic capabilities allow for efficient troubleshooting without physically inspecting each fixture.

  • Detects potential issues
  • Efficient troubleshooting with remote diagnostics
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Advanced Occupancy Detection

Elevate building intelligence with advanced occupancy detection systems. By utilizing thermal imaging our advanced occupancy solution accurately gauges the number of individuals in a room and their activities, ensuring efficient space utilization and enhancing security protocols.

  • Adapts to environmental conditions
  • Responds to usage patterns

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Elevate your access and shade system with TWIST, the smart solution that brings precision and adaptability to your motorized systems.
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